Monday, February 10, 2014 | 2:36 AM | 0 comments
Dear Jonathan,
Sometimes it's just "Too bad. So sad. Move on."
People often like to test the patience of others.
Just so you know, my patience has its limits.
I can't be waiting for you forever.
You're simply delaying and wasting my time.
If you can't do something so simple, don't bother trying to persuade me.
If you can't think of a good excuse, don't bother lying.
It's obvious that you've deleted me.
It's obvious that you're just pretending that you didn't.
You said, "we're not young anymore."
Well, I know that but I'm not worried.
I'm happy the way I am and that's what's important.
Age is a limit set for your physical self.
As you grow older, you may grow weaker.
But that doesn't stop you from being happy just the way you are.
If your happiness is determined by your age, then it's time you rethink about it.
Seriously, your happiness or pleasure does not affect me.
What affects me, it's your attitude.
You could always find another maiden out there who's willing to please you.
But just so you know, I'll never be the one.
Thanks for reading ;)

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